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Exterior Painters Unveil the Top Three Trends Transforming Homes in 2023

Use the most recent hues to revitalize the outside of your house! The exterior painting industry is seeing a dramatic shift as we enter 2023. People are ditching the old ways of doing things and adopting new styles that change how houses seem from the outside. Come along as we reveal the top three trends that professional exterior painters think will rule the scene this year.

Embracing Nature Indoors

The calming effects of nature have prompted a flurry of interest in earthy tones among professional artists. Envision your home’s exterior adorned with the verdant foliage of a forest, the calm waters of a tranquil lake, and the inviting browns of sun-kissed landscapes. In addition to bringing you closer to nature, these colors work together to provide a beautiful visual symphony that is both calming and fashionable.

Expressing Yourself Through Bold Shades

In 2023, you will make a strong impression; thus, boring facades are out. Imagine an opulent royal blue entrance set against a muted background or a striking accent wall of red. Incorporating these striking details into your house will make a statement and leave a long-lasting impact.

Bringing Surfaces to Life

Painters with experience are experimenting with different textures to give the outside of your house more personality and dimension. These methods improve your house’s visual attractiveness, including textured surfaces that seem like natural stone and brushed finishes that suggest cloth. Textured finishes are great for the aesthetic value of your house, but they also protect it from the weather so that it will retain its beauty for a long time.


In 2023, your dream home may become a reality with the help of this year’s trends, which range from soothing, nature-inspired colors to striking, single-color designs and the multi-dimensional allure of textured surfaces. When your house has the potential to be excellent, why settle for ordinary? Contact Tri Level Services today!

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